Rally on a Budget – the Subaru GC Manual – Open Light

Rally on a Budget – the Subaru GC Manual – Open Lightrally trailer

How to build a rally car from a Subaru without spending more than you need to.
100 pages of text and pictures.
Skid plate sizes, spring rates and much, much more
Lots of proven ways to make your car last and be fast enough.
A good place to start before painting yourself into a corner with the wrong purchases.
$75 – write to:   rz221ebay@yahoo.com
Rally Dave Shindle, “the godfather of Open Light. Randy’s build philosophy and smooth driving won us more than a couple PGT and Open championships against pesky fast AWD turbo drivers. He ‘wrote the book’ literally so BUY HIS MANUAL.”
Ron Erickson, “Not sure on the history of the formation of Open Light, but if you had any say in it, I would like to say thanks!”
Chuck Surdyke,  “It is a complement to say that your car’s been Zimmered
Grany Riddell,  “I got one of these when I bought my Subie shell.
Worth every penny! Thanks for writing it…”

6 thoughts on “Rally on a Budget – the Subaru GC Manual – Open Light

    • Thanks! When I first thought of making the book, I had no idea how many people would want it and after so many years. The Subaru is so well suited to rally and a joy to compete with.

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