Output Improvements was founded in 1967, and has been racing and providing parts and services to racers ever since. Buffalo, NY based Randy Zimmer has raced everything from local dirt mini stock to Can-Am and Indy cars on road courses, Pro Rally and RallyX.  RooDucts were developed in that environment and have proven to be a Must Have for any serious driver.


To contact me, just make a comment below, I’ll get back to you soon, Thanks!

1 fiat 9-4-77

2 fiat 5-28-78

3 rabbit 79

4 rabbit 5-14-81


a rondel1



c rondel 4

d rondel 5

86 mosport 83c

j march milwaukee 87

l alfa milano 98

g mini stock 1 87

m vint alfa1 88

n vint alfa1 89

o firehawk alfa 89

niagara falls tq

nissan 96 mid ohio 96

r neon 94

u csr 94 ra



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  1. Any desire/ability to produce a set of ducts for 1st Generation Miata? To attach to the OEM “R-Package” chin spoiler?

  2. Is it possible to use the “ABS RooDucts for all Subaru Imprezas, Legacy and Forester from 2002 to 2007” with my 2008 BLE Spec.b??

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your interest.
      I don’t know anyone with one of these cars so I could take a look at one.
      I’ll check at the dealer to see if they have any on the rack to look at.

      I’ll do some research but maybe you can help me with some info.
      Do you think there’s room for a duct or is it too packed to run a hose at all?
      I see Millen doesn’t have a kit so I suspect there’s no room up there.
      But if there is, are there many changes to the frame/body between these cars?

      The new fan ducts are very compact and other than the effort of wiring,
      need very little space and upset to the car.
      If the fan is the better way to go,
      do you know how many of the cars and years use the same front knuckle/upright?

      What is the most popular website for the Z’s that are run on track?

      Thanks again for reaching out!
      I’m sure to have more questions.

      write me at randyzimmer at verizon net

  3. I would be glad to assist with specifications, clearances etcetera for a good effective setup. Please email me to set up a conversation.

  4. Any solution for 09 Mini Cooper R56 JCW brake duct for rotor area?
    Seems like bad idea to remove backing plate as hydraulic line is then exposed to more heat

    • Hi Paul,
      I couldn’t get to see a JCW on the lift but I did get to see a Mini and try my strut fan on it and twist the steering to lock.
      There’s space for the fan from what I could see.
      The fan fits right up to the spring perch and toward the front of the car.
      An 11 inch long nozzle gets the air back down to the spindle height.
      I didn’t have much time to play around, they work flat rate and I was feeling rushed to get out of there.
      I’d need a car for a couple days to see if a passive duct could be designed
      and I don’t know the brand well enough to know which cars are similar to measure from.
      Write me at randyzimmer@verizon.net

  5. what is the advantage of having the cooling fan above the cooling duct to the brakes on nissan 350z? what time will this on sale?

  6. Hi,

    I’m looking to purchase so wheel well brake ducting for my ’06 WRX STi. I’m not sure of the availability of ABS plastic / carbon fibre and what will be more suitable for my application. Is international shipping available. Please get back to me as I have photos of what I need. Thanks in advance.

    Warm regards,

    • I have a set for the ’06 that gets the feed hose under the washer bottle on the Left side.
      I only make them in ABS now.
      As a rule, shipping costs around $55.
      I can estimate better with your address.
      Thank you!

  7. hi randy ,
    I am looking for a set of the “chin” ducts for a 2004/05 sti , the smaller ones under the fog light covers .

    price and avail ?

    how do I pay ?

    thnx ,mike

  8. Do you have any brake duct kits for 94-01 Integra Type R? If not, can you make one or have universal parts to make a kit?


  9. Looking for more info on the 15-16 Impreza ducts. Assuming the same for an 15 Sti. Info as in pricing? Some pics if possible, I know you mention it was the same as the gr chassis. Does come in a kit where hoses are included? Any kind of bumper adapter? The whole nine. Thanks, Johnson

    • Sorry Johnson, I don’t supply a full kit but there is really very little needed in the way of hard to find accessories.
      If I bought and resold them, they’d just get more expensive and increase your shipping costs too.

  10. Hello Randy, I purchased Rood Ducts for by 05 STI and they worked very well. I now have a BMW Z4M. There appears to be a lack of a good brake ducting solution. The “so called” Brake (wheel well) air inlet from the front bumper is in a location to only cool the tire. I was considering taking off my front bumper and finding a path to use the existing air inlet with a custom made “scoop” to replace the factory one that is behind the bumper. The “custom-made” scoop would reroute the air path so a flex hose could be routed to the center of the hub/rotor. If could mock up a replacement duct with construction paper board and duct tape, would you be interested in scanning this into your 3D printer and making a prototype?
    you can review the brake duct threads on the Zpost BMW forum. If you would like to discuss further, let me know how best to communicate.
    Thanks, Chris.

  11. Hi Randy, I have a fairly stock 2010 WRX Hatch (in Australia) which I want to take to the track. The front disks are the new DBA 4000 series slotted using Forza FP3 pads (tried PMu HC 800 but too much squeal). I’ve noticed they are getting incredibly hot just from hard braking around town so I know I’m going to need some cooling. What do you recommend for driving on tracks for 15 to 20 min sessions only?
    Thanks, Shaun.

  12. Hi there !

    I’m interested in the wishbone ducts.. how much would the be shipped to the uk please.

    Many thanks

  13. hi , how much for the newer GD STI aluminum lower control arm brake duct?
    where does it bolt on? does need to drill holes to bolt it ?

  14. Hello from Switzerland. Could you please tell me if your NEW! GC/GD Aluminum Lower Control Arm Duct can fit à subaru wrx sti 2011 hatchback.

  15. Hi Randy, I’ve got a friend who has a 2015 Mercedes CLA 45 and would like to have air ducts to his front brakes (and really needs them). Can you assist with this? Could anything be adapted from what you make or could make. We’ve got a few track days coming up and this would be really handy. Thanks.

  16. I have a factory set of brake coolers, that I am looking to get reproduced the OEM have been discontinued. Is this something you could quote? Vehicle is Trailblazer SS for reference.

  17. I want to buy 6 sets of brake ducts for the BRZ. Not the fan type, but the type that hangs under the control arm.
    I would also like to sell on my websites as well
    Please email me as soon as possible

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