Hi RZ brakes worked well. 2 days of racing not a problem. Other then being noisy don’t see how they could be improved. My battery did run flat but I had purchased a small lithium iron jumper pack. The fist day was a hill climb sent you a link to the results. 6th outright  2nd in class. The second day was a track day and hot 36 degrees C a good test for the brakes. Had many questions from competitors about the fans and gave several your email address. I finished 5th outright and 1st in class. Beat the Evo. Thanks again for the after sales service, equally as good as the product. 
Thanks Neil


So, every once in a while I’d put my laser guided thermometer on my brakes after a hard run. I’d see around 500 degrees. Today, I saw 312. Is that possible? 200 degrees different? I’ll check again tomorrow, but if that’s the case, wow.


I wish I had more time and temp measuring tools. I just could not find my laser gauge.  But being able to touch the wheel hub on one car and not the other with similar brake package was definitely insane proof of how this simple concept just works. And not crazy ducting.

It’s funny cause my friend immediately wants to go the cheap route with hoses… let’s see how that goes… lol

It literally takes 10 minutes to install these!

Last time I went to this track with this same brake package I have now, were useless after just one lap.


The ducts fit perfectly. There is plenty of room between the tire and the duct at full lock which makes me very happy (no more ripped duct hoses).


I appreciate your prompt service and support.


These were not at all what I expected!  These far exceeded that.  I really cannot believe how light the material is, and how well they fit.


Tell your wife I think you are one of my heroes.  I’ve been struggling for two years to keep my brakes cool.  Yours is the best product I’ve come across and I’ve done a lot of reading and research on this particular issue.


…everyone gathers around the car and admires them and asks where to get them.


Randy if you ever start to promote these more publicly I will gladly act as an enthusiastic user both in print or wherever.  Keep up the good work, I think the RooDucts are awesome.


I finally got to test them at Buttonwillow the other week.  Brakes worked better than I’ve ever experienced.  I never experienced any fade at all.  Probably one of the best modifications I’ve ever done to the car.


I consider them my secret weapon.




Tire clearance is tight, but about perfect for the 235/40s.


Wow that was incredibly fast Randy. Thank you very much.


I honestly think you’re onto a winner.  Slightly more clearance for the tie rod on low cars and maybe a layer of kevlar on the outer face would make these perfect.  It’s so easy compared to the other stuff out there.  Thanks mate.


Have you ever looked into getting a mold made so that you can get them made in plastic? You will be a millionaire if you do this.


The brake ducts also worked extremely well. During session one, I ran with the ducts covered up and noticed a bit of pad fade. But with the ducts open I never experienced any fade whatsoever. No smoking or burning smells in the pits either. What a relief to have this hot braking issue finally sorted (although StE still thinks I brake too much lol). Thank you Can-Jam and Randy Zimmer!

Art’s Temperature Report from Nelson Ledges


Randy, the windshield duct works great. Between the new helmet blower and the your air duct I’m the coolest guy at the track😊

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  1. Please send me pricing and delivery for one set of ducts for a 2004 STi.

    ABS is fine.

    What size are the inlets? I would like to mate to 3″ hose.

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