ABS RooDucts for all Subaru Imprezas and Forester from 1993 to 2007. Legacy to 2004.


ABS plastic RooDucts for GC/GD Subarus.

abs 05 duct

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1993-2007 “GC and GD” cars $195/pair

NEW! Low intake Left Hand RooDuct to fit under the washer bottle on ’06-’07 GD’s.

GC duct installed

52 thoughts on “ABS RooDucts for all Subaru Imprezas and Forester from 1993 to 2007. Legacy to 2004.

  1. Thanks for the question.
    Yes, that’s the GD duct.
    You can make a nice inlet and attach a hose or just stick the hose out to the fog opening for a down and dirty installation.
    I’ve tried them with no hose at all and it still helped as long as air could get to the RooDuct so it could turn the air into the wheel.
    I use Home Depot 3″ dryer ducting for the front.
    Its light, smooth, easily available and cheap.
    Your car may have harmonic dampening disks on the tie rods – round with two 10mm headed bolts attaching them.
    Those have to be removed or they’ll hit the duct on a hard turn.
    The brake dust shields need hole(s) made so the rotor can draw in the fresh air.
    RooDucts come with mounting screws and a drill, tap and wrench to fit them.

    • Let me know where to send them and I’ll get them in the mail.

      All you do then is send a check.

      Pretty EZ?


  2. Hey Randy,

    Got the ducts Wed and should have them coated Mon morning. Test fit and the few little mods needed went well and by far the easiest mod yet. Not many vendors include the needed drill bits, tap and fasteners, this alone saved a lot of time. Thanks for a great package.

    Thanks, B Reel

  3. Hey Mate

    I have an 06 STI subaru ,I am looking for a set of rooducts to get from the front of the car to the front wheels.
    Basically i am chasing the right angle ducts that sit in the wheel well.
    I live in australia can you help me out

    Cheers Matt

  4. hi there, do ship to the UK? i’m possibly interested in brake ducts for my ’03 impreza blob eye. do you have any pictures of the ducts in place, in a wheel arch? would i get any rubbing issues at full lock?

    • It’s really easy. I’ll respond by email to your request, then, we’ll discuss which duct is best and I get your shipping address. A bit of PayPal and USPS magic and you have them!

    • Bonjour Bertrand,
      Vous êtes le premier à écrire de la France.
      Je courus au Québec un peu, mais ma langue est seulement l’anglais,
      mes amis me l’ont dit d’arrêter d’essayer de parler français.

      Je vérifié les prix d’expédition et ils sont raisonnables.
      Les conduits coûter $ 195 et je les ai prêt pour l’expédition.
      Le coût d’expédition est de 40 $ pour le service de 10 jours à la douane
      et 60 $ pour le service de 5 jours.
      Paypal fonctionne très bien pour cela.

  5. Please can I have a quote for shipping to the UK for my 2007 impreza sti and fitting pictures due to water bottle if possible?

  6. Hi! I want to buy rooducts for Subaru 2003-2007 GD JSP ABS (598002). I’m from Russia, but i’m traveling around Canada & US now, is it possible to pick them somewhere in Buffalo on this weekend? Shipping in my case is not suitable((

  7. Hey Randy I am interested in purchasing a set of rooducts for a 05 STi, been having alittle issue with brakes at the track lately (no cooling whats so ever). Let me know

  8. Hello Randy,

    Im interested in buying a set of you ducts they would be for a US 2004 STI. I would like to get the the ducts and front fascia adapter, could you contact me for more information

  9. Hey mate I’m keen on a set of these for my 1996 Subaru Legacy rsb race car can you do them in carbon fibre? And shipping to New Zealand? Looks like an awesome product and will work perfectly

  10. Hi Randy,

    I’d like a set of these for my 2005 STI can you let me know cost and payment details etc.. shipping to the UK. looks like the perfect solution to a well known problem 🙂

    Many thanks..


  11. Looking for brake cooling duct options for 2002 Gd Sti. Track car
    Price including shipping to Newcastle Australia

    • Thanks Ken. Overseas shipping is almost always $55. Passive ducts are good for tracks with moderate brake use and good momentum. The fans work best on really tough braking situations.

  12. Can you please send me info and prices for everything I will need to mount up a duct drawing G air from the fog lights to the brakes. No fans needed. Vehicle is usdm 2006 Wrx. Thanks!

  13. I’m looking to prolong the life of the mostly stock brakes during track days and some rooducts would be a big help, thanks.

  14. Hi,

    Hoping that your brake ducts fit my 2003 Blobeye WRX Turbo Wagon? If so, would appreciate an email with details on how to purchase!


  15. What size silicone tubing have you found to be the best for these rooducts (both from duct to bumper and duct to brake.

  16. Hi,
    I have a 1998 RS with 2005 STI brakes and wheels/tires. Do you know if this can fit in the 1998 RS with the 225/45/17 tires without them rubbing?

    • The ducts mount to the inner fender and stick out 1/8″. If your tire hits the inner fender now, it will hit the duct 1/8″ sooner. The ducts are somewhat flexible and can deform a little.

  17. Hi there! I’m ready to pull the trigger on a set of these for my 2005 WRX. Hope you have them in stock. Would you please guide me as to how to pay for them?

  18. Low intake Left Hand RooDuct to fit under the washer bottle to my impreza wrx 2007
    i need the price of the 2 duct R&L side

  19. Hi bud, 2000 gc8 wrx Australian car, do you have a pic of some rooducts fitted up and what sort of clearance will i need on the inner? As i have a set of 8in rims with +50 offset and 245 semi slicks on it.

  20. I have a 2003 wrx wagon will this work with my application I will remove my fog lights and will use that opening for cooling please advise

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