NEW! GD Aluminum Lower Control Arm Duct


The GD Aluminum Lower Control Arm Duct is an easy to install duct to get fresh air right to the caliper of Subarus with the factory Aluminum Lower Control Arm.

To install, just remove the sway bar nut, install the spacer and duct, then re-install the nut. The duct will line up with the hole in the arm. Drop a 6mm bolt down the hole and lightly tighten. That’s it!

Older arms like the V2, are a bit different and don’t have the small hole used for mounting.

These ducts work well for cars that have problems with aftermarket sway bar attachments, tubular sub frames, relocated pickup points or other factors that don’t allow the traditional passive or active ducts to work for you.

They’re also easier to install and afford.

The trade off is the ducts are under the car and subject to track debris but while they last, they work great.

$125 for the pair.