RooDuct Intermediate Brake Cooling Ducts

2015-2016-Subaru Impreza Brake Cooling Duct

GR Rooducts for 2007-2014 Subaru

Subaru Impreza Legacy and Forester from 2002 to 2007

Acura RSX/DC5 Brake Ducts

gen5 2005-2014 Mustang Duct

RooDucts were developed to get air to the brakes past the choke point of the frame rail and the arc of the wheel and tire. Because of the flat engine configuration on Subarus, the frame rails are pushed out to their limits which leaves no room for a typical brake cooling hose.

RooDucts take the small voids around the frame rail and front sub frame and direct the air past sway bar mounts, brackets and the tie rod from the front of the car into the wheel rim, brakes and wheel bearing where it can dramatically lower the temperature of these components without restricting turning radius.


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