Protected Territories Available for Distributors

Contact me if you are interested in becoming a Stocking Dealer for RooDucts.
A stocking dealer will fill orders for any inquiry in their district saving the customer time, overseas shipping and duty costs.
Other than the US, Australia and Canada, there will be just one dealer per country.


15 thoughts on “Protected Territories Available for Distributors

  1. Hi,

    I need for a Subaru Imprezza WRX STI Modell 2003 up to 2005 for the front
    ABS RooBucks. My shipment address would be:

    Michael Schegk
    Augustenburgstrasse 66
    D-76229 Karlsruhe

    How can we manage the payment?

    Please forward to me an offer including shipment which I cannot refuse.

  2. hi, i have purchased some of your ducts second hand/ brand new condition here in New Zealand, with fans for a gc/gd wrx. do you have a template of where i need to cut to make these fit. and also is there some sort of controller or 2 speed switch or wiring diagram because i have no idea whats what there . hope you can help , cool product!!!!!!!

  3. I’m interested in the ducts for a 350Z. Please let me know price with shipping. Also if you have any pics of installation, specifically how and where they mount. Thanks!

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