4wd Subaru Fan Ducts – Hybrid Duct Mount Brake Cooling Blowers

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The brushless fan motors produce an air blast of 35 MPH on high speed.

Perfect for smaller tracks with short straights and repeated braking with little time for recovery.
Also perfect for cars with little or no availability for proper hose ducting.
The fans are compact but powerful. The wiring these fans is supplied and made to be as easy as possible to install.
Over 200 degrees of difference in rotor temp was measured and when left on after a session, cooling was even more dramatic.
Kit includes Hybrid RooDucts, Fan Motors, Motor Speed Controllers, Wiring and some Hardware.
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8 thoughts on “4wd Subaru Fan Ducts – Hybrid Duct Mount Brake Cooling Blowers

  1. I am interested in trying these for my GD! I will be doing some road racing this season and maybe some auto-x events. Could you please email me pricing? Also could you hook hoses up to the rear of the fan?

    • Hi Guys,
      how’s the availability on these fan ducts & can they be used in conduction with the roo ducts. subaru gdb sti 2002.

      • Hi Iain,
        The big advantage is on mickey mouse circuits where the speed average is low. So if the passive ducts can’t keep the brakes cool enough, the fans will do it.
        Keeping the passive ones can’t hurt and they won’t be in the way. The fan unit is removable from the housing now and they attach to the strut and blow on the caliper. Its all pretty exciting to me, the results so far have been really great.

  2. My GD is primarily used for SCCA solo. Short and hot runs with no cool down laps or high levels of airflow. Is the idea for speed control temperature based or user controlled?

    Let me know how pricing will look.

    • Hi, Do you have brake trouble? If so, these would help you out. They are temperature or user controlled. Retail is $495 US.

  3. Hi! Im interested in the fan cooled ducts. And also any adapter that would need to go to the back of the fog light covers. I was looking at your 4″ ducts and would those would work properly with the fog light opennings?

    2014 GR hatchback STI – track use mostly – driven to track

    Thanks for your help!


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