Subaru BRZ/Toyota FRS Fan Style Brake Cooling Blowers

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I’m finally releasing these as a finished product ready to go.
At 8 Amps, the brushless fan motors produce an air blast of 35 MPH.
Perfect for smaller tracks with short straights and repeated braking with little time for recovery. Also perfect for cars with little or no availability for proper hose ducting.
The BRZ kit supplies the fan speed controllers and all the wiring needed which is connected directly connected to the battery. When at the track, the fans are activated by plugging in an inline connector. A temperature sensor installed into the bleeder on the RH caliper reads the temperature of the caliper body and switches the fans on when warm. If the temperature increases, the fan speed increases. An optional LED lets the driver see the status of the fans by changing color, green=armed but off, blue=low, red=high.
Cooling the calipers goes straight to the weakest links in the brake system, the fluid and piston seals and reduces the possibility of thermal shock to the rotors.

Kit includes Fan Housings, Fan Motors, Motor Speed Controllers, Temperature Sensor and Extension Wiring, The housings attach to new wheel bearing bolts that have been tapped and threaded for this purpose.

The kit retails for $750.

If you’ve outgrown your Porsche flaps and want to cure your brake problems and tell the world how you did it…

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  1. I am interested in some ducts and fans for the front brakes on my BRZ. I track it occasionally and would like to keep the hottest parts cooler. Can you give me some pricing for two, or a four wheel setup?

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