Nissan 350Z Fan Style Brake Cooling Blowers

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The brushless fan motors produce an air blast of 35 MPH on high.
Perfect for smaller tracks with short straights and repeated braking with little time for recovery.
Also perfect for cars with little or no availability for proper hose ducting.
The fans are compact but powerful, I’ve adjusted the draw to be nearly 13 Amps. Wiring these fans needs to be done with care and forethought. A temperature sensor is used to energize the external fan speed controllers. The fan speed controllers should be directly connected to the battery through suitable fuses and wiring. From the controllers to the fans, the wiring is less critical but more exposed to the elements and movement.
Over 200 degrees of difference in rotor temp was measured and when left on after a session, cooling was even more dramatic.
Kit includes Fan Housings, Fan Motors, Motor Speed Controllers and Connectors for Motors, Controller and Extension Wiring, some Wire and some Hardware.
Write me below for early adopter pricing!

8 thoughts on “Nissan 350Z Fan Style Brake Cooling Blowers

  1. Please provide more detail info and pricing for the 350Z fam duct kit. What is the ducting hose diameter that fits the duct? I already have a home made fan-powered cooling system, and if possible, I would like to know if the ducts are available separately without fan motors, wiring, controllers, etc. Thank you!

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your interest.
      The reliability tests are going great so I’m pretty happy with the fans.
      Thanks again,

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