Fan Ducts – Brake Cooling Using Brushless Fans

Fan Ducts – Brake Cooling Using Brushless Fans

Subaru BRZ and Toyota FRS Fan-Duct

Universal Subaru GD/STi Fan Ducts

Nissan 350Z Fan Ducts

Originally developed for the FRS/BRZ twins.

back view 5-19-14

The brushless fan motors produce an air blast of 35 MPH on high speed.
Perfect for smaller tracks with short straights and repeated braking with little time for recovery.

Also perfect for cars with little or no availability for proper hose ducting.
The fans are compact but powerful.

new style





A complete system has been made connecting the fans to the battery and letting a heat sensor control the fan operation.

Over 200 degrees of difference in rotor temp was measured and when left on after a session, cooling was even more dramatic.

side view 5-19-14
Kit includes Fan Housings, Fan Motors, Motor Speed Controllers and Connectors for Motors, Controller and Extension Wiring.
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See the latest test video of the fans and the system on YouTube at:



9 thoughts on “Fan Ducts – Brake Cooling Using Brushless Fans

  1. Anything planned or designed for build to order for the 2008+ Lancer Evolution X ? I will use 2″ silicon (orange) flex air hose. Let me know if anything ready to order and price.

  2. Have left a few messages as interested in your product for GD subaru But haven’t received an email Ive checked the spam folder. How about listing an email address on your site.

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