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Purchasing RooDucts is easy, just write a comment below or on any page.
If you are in the US, I’ll pay the shipping.
If you are outside the US, I can send a PayPal Invoice with a shipping price included right away.

Protected Territories Available for Distributors

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    • Also there was a really cool plastic piece I saw which could easily connect to the Jdm fog light covers. I would love to get that as well, thanks again

      • Hi Joel,
        The 2005 ducts are in stock and ready to ship, they’re $195.
        The other part I think you mean are the adapters for the small slit, not the fogs.
        Check your spam folder, I emailed you. rz

  1. My friend had your beautiful product on his STi for brake cooling. The low profile ABS plastic duct to connect hoses to on bumper end, and then to the rotor backing plate. The BMW E9x M3’s inexplicably came with ZERO ducting from the factory…something that the previous E36 and E46 had. Given the weight of the E9x M3s…brake cooling is really a must and currently there is very little aftermarket support for cooling solutions. If you guys made a hard duct like the one for the STi, I am sure you would almost have the entire E9x market. Presently one other company sells a complete kit, but it does not utilize a design like yours where the ABS plastic changes shape to maintain needed tire clearance. With what is available, crushed hoses ensue. Please do some poking around and consider bringing a product to the E9x market! As these cars get cheaper and age more, it will become a more popular track car, so the need for cooling will only grow. Thanks.

  2. I have a 2002 subaru wrx I’m just trying to get a price for the rooduct and hoses and brake mount brackets, i already have the fog light brake ducts just need the rest! Thanks!

  3. Hi, Im after a pair of roo ducts for a 98 STI with Gold Brembos. Also need shipping to Auckland, New Zealand 1010. Cheers, Michael

  4. I am looking to purchase Rooducts for my 2015 wrx 6spd. I am also curious if you have a blower to go with that system that would fit, and what the cost would be.
    Thank you!

  5. Hi

    I would like to order a pair of ducts for my 2005 Impreza WRX. I am in Guernsey Channel Islands (England). Please send me a paypay invoice including postage and an email address for me to send my address details.

    If you sell the hose and the piece that the hose fits on against the disk please include this.





  6. I’d like some info on product choice you offer for my o7 wrx wagon.
    Do you wire relays in for power control circuit?
    Do your fans flow enough air to help draw air from under engine area ,to help aero downforce?thanks.
    Thanks . In socal

    • Hi Pete, The fans do not use any existing factory wiring, it is completely stand-alone, attached to the battery.
      NASCAR does get some downforce but use six fans to do it.

    • Hi,
      I have them,
      I just waited too late to read this to get them out today.
      They’re $195 and shipping to the US is free.
      Overseas is usually around $55.
      Let me know, I can ship them Tomorrow if you’d like.

  7. looking for a set for a 2006 sti, type uk; right hand drive GD. shipping to US or to Sweden. Can have it forwarded depending on your shipping price

  8. Hey mate after some of your ducts for my Subaru track car over here in nz so will need a shipping price to thanks mate product looks amazing just whet I need

  9. Hi Randy, looking for a pair of fan assist ducts for a 2008 STI, can you give me a price for these.

    Once I have the price I will guess that shipping is 55 bucks, so will add that to the price and get my PayPal ready!


  10. How are those with a 2015+ bumper getting air in? Is everyone just cutting out the fake inlet by the fog light and fabricating something to the inlet of the rooduct? Recommendations?

  11. Hello,
    My name is Tyler, and I own a Seven Automotive, a Subaru performance shop located in Ontario Canada. I have been trying to purchase your products through your local distributor (no names will be mentioned) with no success. I have attempted to purchase for customers and for my own vehicle.

    Your local supplier will not respond to me but has sold to my customers. He has not responded to my email regarding purchasing for my own vehicle and I cannot purchase them directly from his website as they are not listed.

    Please help me buy your fantastic products!!

    • Great! I finally got enough feedback and personal experience to be sure these work almost as well as the passive ducts. They are more vulnerable to road trash but are super easy to remove and replace.

  12. I’m interested in your roo ducts for my 2015 WRX. I’m running a custom BBK with wilwood 6 pots and a 332mm rotor (similar to STI brembos in form factor) so I’d also like some additional details about how it mounts to make sure this will fit my car still.

  13. Hello there,
    I would like to ask if I can purchase a pair of brake hose ducts for the Mazda RX7 FD?
    Shipping to the United Kingdom appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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