Subaru Facia Lower Slit Hose Adapter

05 sti 2

This adapter allows you to attach a 3″ hose to the back of the Brake Cooling Slit found under the fog lights of most performance-oriented Subarus. $95/pair, ideal for ’05 Sti.

05 sti

installed front

installed rear

10 thoughts on “Subaru Facia Lower Slit Hose Adapter

  1. With a little work, do you think these would work with a 02 WRX using the stock front bumper. There’s a opening under the foglight housing and at first glance, it might work.

    If it fits it would be great since I use foglight covers.

    • John, All the Subie eyebrows I’ve measured are very similar. I made them large enough to work on all of the Subies I’ve looked at. I have them on my 2000 RS facia and they’ve survived more than a year of ice and snow and heat and mud.

    • Hi,
      I put mine on with rivets to the flange on the top of the opening.
      The aluminized hose behind provides some support fore and aft.
      You could use pop rivets, self tapping screws, if really clean and skuffed up, some structural adhesive.
      A nut and bolt even.

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